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Tibetan Rugs

Tibetan area rugs a tradition and culture of ages, in the heart of Himalayan Mountains. our hand knotted Tibetan rugs are made of Silk or Silk and Tibetan Pashmina Wool combination. Tibetan rugs are mostly made in Modern and Contemporary designs.

Traditional Area Rugs

When talking about the rugs, the name Persian Rugs Or the Oriental Rugs comes to mind first. The art the mystery, and the history of Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs, make the search for them very intoxicating. The history has shown that Persian rugs stand for their quality durability.

Contemporary Rugs

At Grand Oriental Rug Gallery we carry the exquisite designer contemporary area rugs to satisfy your artistic plate. you will discover a range of contemporary area rugs in exotic patterns, Modern designs. contemporary area rugs are made in wool, silk, and combination of both.